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Why do I receive copies of a virus purporting to be from gordano.com?


I have received a virus that appears to come from support@gordano.com. Why has this happened?


A number of new viruses, particularly the Klez virus, incorporate their own SMTP server which allows them to send out messages directly and bypass any other SMTP server on the network.

These new viruses or variants of existing viruses are much more sophisticated in the way that they spread around the Internet. The mail message may have a random subject and body chosen from a long list of different strings of words, and the sender address is randomly chosen from one in the infected persons address book. This makes it look like the email came from someone other than the real sender.

Gordano Limited has many thousands of customers, each of these customers may have an address book entry for either or both of sales@gordano.com or support@gordano.com. If any of those customers machines were to be infected by one of the above viruses it is possible that they would send out further copies of the virus using randomly selected address book entries.

Gordano Limited recommends that all of our customers run a recognised Anti-virus program and that the virus definition files for that program are regularly updated.

To provide complete protection for all machines within an organisation Gordano Limited supplies its own server side anti-virus protection, for details of this please take a look at the information on this web site or contact sales@gordano.com.

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