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Why do I need to transfer vCards for users I delete?


When I try and delete a user I have to specify a second user for vCards to be transferred to. Why is this?


Every user on a server has a vCard by default. The vCard contains details for the user as set up under personalities within GMS Webmail, but a vCard is created for the user whether they are using GMS Webmail or not.

When deleting the user you need to specify another user that the vCard gets transferred to, so this information is not lost. If you do not want it transferred to a particular user set up a special user to receive these and transfer them all to that user.

There are two main reasons why we need to retain vCard entries for users:

  1. If users have shared vCards in the system or domain address books then deleting the vCards rather than transfering them would cause them to be lost. This could be a real issue if the address book administrator left the company.
  2. Later releases of GMS Web Organizer will include the ability for calendar scheduling, if the vCards are simply deleted there will be issues with people in meetings who get deleted.

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