Why do I get SQL error 146 when using webmail?

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WE are seeing an error in webmail when trying to compose, forward or reply to a message. Why is this?

A script error has occurred - SQL_Error (146)

Function call stack:
2: GetPersonalitiesForAddress
1: GetPersonalities

Current location:
1: webmailwindowscomposeclientwindow.mml

Location in GetPersonalitiesForAddress:


This issue is likely to be caused by a corruption in the internal mysql database which holds details of all addressbook, calendar, tasks and notes data.

To repair any corruption in your database, logon to the admin interface as an administrator and go to the Support->Housekeeping pages, and check the option “Do housekeeping now” and all the subsequent checkboxes.

The system will now repair your database – this may take some time. Once the repair is complete you should find the Webmail issue is resolved.

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