Why can't I see GMS Anti-Virus in the administration tree?

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I have a GMS Anti-Virus key, but there is no Anti-Virus option in the tree in my interface to administer it – what can I do?


This problem is most likely due to an inconsitency between the products you have installed, and the products set to be displayed in the interface.

To resolve this, you need to change some System Variables to correct the display. Please see below for information on enabling the Support > System Variables tab if yours is greyed out.

From the Support > System Variables page scroll down until you can see the follwing two variables and note their value:

The value for both of these variables should be made up by adding the values of the products that you would like to be displayed within the interface. The values for each product are shown in the table below.

GMS Mail 1
GMS Communication Server 2
GMS Anti-Spam 4
GMS Anti-Virus 8
GMS Proxy Server 16
GMS Webmail 32

Therefore to enable all of the options you would set both of the variables to have a value of 63.

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