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Why can't I save my attachment to disk with GMS Webmail?


Usually, you can save files from a web browser by using the right mouse button and the “Save Target As…” option. Why is this sometimes not possible in GMS Webmail?


By default, GMS Webmail will show attachments to your messages as a drop down list. When you click on these attachments, your web browser (eg Internet Explorer) will automatically launch the associated program for that attachment.

In some cases, you might want to save the attachment to your disk, and would expect to use a right mouse button click on the file name in order to use the “Save Target As…” option.

Since it is not possible to right click on the attachment drop down list, if you need to use this option you will first need to go to the Preferences->Reading Mail option in your GMS Webmail interface, and un-check the “Display Attachments as a Drop down list” option, then press the update button. You should now be able to right click on your attachments, and save them using “Save Target As…” option.

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