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Why can't I create calendar events?


I have just installed GMS on my Linux machine. The install appeared to complete OK but when I try to add calendar events an error is returned.

Looking in the WWW log I see lots of "Failed connection to SQL server (2002)" errors.


Data and information for the calendar and address book entries are stored in Gordano’s internal SQL database. If data cannot be stored or obtained from the database an error is logged and the operation produces an error. The detail in the log confirms that there is a problem connecting to the internal SQL server.

The internal database used is an OEM version of MySQL. If you have installed a standard MySQL on the same machines, your additional copy of MySQL may have installed an /etc/my.cnf file which specified the use of the
Socket method for communication (over-riding the set up GMS has specified).

To resolve the issue you can either update the file so that TCP/IP connections are allowed (refer to MySQL documentation) or move/rename the file. Once you have done that you should stop and start the GMS services. The issue should then be resolved.

This issue does not affect any build number greater than 3060.

Keywords:2002 MySQL SQL events database GLWebMail XT address book

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