Why can't I add new users after upgrading?

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A number of users have inadvertently truncated the upgrade procedure when moving to version 7.01.0023 and then found that they are unable to add users.


This behavior usually implies that the upgrade is incomplete. You can easily check this by starting regedt32.exe and navigating to the following key.
If there is a variable called updateaddressbooks listed it means the upgrade is incomplete.

If this variable is set to 4 see KB 478

If the variable is set to 7 you will need to do the following:

  • Stop all services.
  • Set updateaddressbooks=7 in the HKLMsoftwareinternetshopperprivate registry key
  • Remove all the files from the gordanomysqldataglwebmail directory leaving the directory itself in place with no files in it.
  • Remove all the files from the gordanomysqldatamysql directory
  • Put these files from the Gordano ftp site into the now empty gordanomysqldatamysql directory
  • start the GMS manager service and the www service.
  • This will cause those services to start rebuilding the mysql information. This may take several minutes to complete. Monitor cpu usage in task manager while it is updating.
  • Once cpu usage for www and mysqld returns to zero check that the updateaddressbooks variable has disappeared from the HKLMsoftwareinternetshopperprivate registry key. If it has the updates have been successful.
  • start the remaining gordano services.

Our engineers are aware of this issue and have resolved it in version 7B available from 8-Feb-02 by adding a note indicated that the upgrade may take some time.

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