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Why can Outlook Express not display certain Messages?


The RFC’s governing SMTP indicate that all lines must be terminated with CRLF (Carriage Return Line Feed – 0x0D 0x0A). Some servers, most notably early versions of sendmail, frequently sent out messages with lines terminated by LF rather than CRLF.

Outlook Express has problems displaying certain messages which contain an LF without an accompanying CR.


By default GMS protects users of Outlook Express from this issue by rejecting all mail that contains mis-matched CR and LF characters.

However, if you have disabled the option "Enforce CRLF end of line" under the System > Compliance page some users may end up with such mails in their mailbox. Once such a message is in the users mailbox then the message will either have to be deleted or edited to remove the lone LF characters and replace them with CRLF.

If you would like to allow such messages into your server there is a System Variable which can be set to automatically repair such messages as they enter the server. To set this variable go to Support > System Variables, select the option "EnforceCRLF" from the topmost scrollable area, enter a value of 1 (one) in the New Value text box and click on the Change Value button.

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