Why can I not synchronize GMS Folders after upgrading from V1 of the GMS Collaboration client to V2?

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Why can I not synchronize GMS Folders after upgrading from Version 1 of the GMS Collaboration client to Version 2? I have followed the instructions in the GMS User Guide, but there is no option on the Tools menu in Outlook to alow this.

Additionally there is no option to change the Data Store within my profile to use GMS Server rather than my local message store.


Each machine that Microsoft Outlook is installed on appears to have at least two copies of the file mapisvc.inf which controls the behaviour of Outlook. One of these can be found in the system32 directory and the other in the program filescommon filessystemmapi1033 directory.

The installation process is correctly updating the copy held in the System32 directory but is failing to update the copy in the program filescommon filessystemmapi1033 directory. Both copies must contain the same information to allow the GMS Collaboration client to work correctly.

Close down Microsoft Outlook if it is already running. Now Open the file program filescommon filessystemmapi1033mapisvc.inf in a text editor. Now look for a section of the file containing "[Services]" and on the line immediately below this enter

GMS=GMS Server

on a line of its own. If there are any existing GMS entries in this section remove them.

Next find any sections within the file that feature "GMS" inside of square brackets. Delete this line and all lines down until the next set of square bracket are reached. Repeat for all occurrences.

Now copy the three sections below (each beginning with square brackets) and paste them in to the end of the file.


Once completed, save the file. Now set "GMS Server" to be the data store for your folders under your mail profile. In Control Panel, open the Mail icon, select the Email Accounts… button, highlight the option to View or Change an existing account and click on Next. in the drop down box labelled "Deliver new email to the following location" select GMS Server and click on Finish. You can now proceed to open Outlook and the items should be available to you.

Note: If the option GMS Server is not available in the drop down box, click on "New Outlook Data File" and select GMS Server, click on OK, then select it from the drop down menu.

If at any time you are presented with a GMS dialogue box asking you to go online then please do so, and complete any required information to allow it to connect to your server.

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