Why can I no longer access the GUI?

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I was customising at the system level the hosts that are allowed to access the administration logon. If I recall correctly I removed the server IP address and added a wildcard IP address for the class C IP range, then pressed update.

Now I cannot access the initial logon screen (URL http://hostip:8000/logon.mml). The response is a http 403 error message "HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden".

How do I re enable access to the admininstration GUI?


As long as you connect to the Admininstration GUI from one of the IP’s specified in the range you should be able to access OK.

However, if you have set this to an IP range that you do not have access to you will not be able to access the GUI to change this back to its original setting.

You will need to use regedt32.exe to edit the variable that holds this setting. Open regedt32.exe and go to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareInternetShopperMailUsers and double click on the "No Name" entry to open it for editing. Scroll down until you see the entry "AccessIP" and delete the complete line it is on, so that the line is removed completely (do not leave a blank line).

Stop and then restart the web service and you should now be able to access the Administration GUI once more.

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