Why are users not allowed to send mail via my server?

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A number of users external to my server receive the following error every time they atempt to send mail via my mail server.

542 not allowed to send email using this server

Why can these users not send via my server?


This is due to the fact that these users are sending mail with a From address that contains the same domain name that you have running on your mail server. You have set up the mail server so that only a certain range of IP addresses are allowed to send mail from this domain name. For example, your server answers for domain.dom and the sender of the email is fred@domain.dom.

This feature can be disabled or enabled through the Anti-spam->Connect->Local Clients section of the admin interface.

You can set the range of IP addresses to determine who is allowed to send mail through your server while purporting to be a user on your server on this page.

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