Why are messages stuck in my Outlook?

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Occasionally, when messages are sent out they refuse to leave Outlook’s Outbox.
This behaviour has been reported when using the GMS Collaboration and when using standard IMAP with Outlook.

Is this a problem with GMS?


No, this is a Microsoft problem and is not the fault of GMS.
As the GMS Collaboration server uses the same local database store as MS Outlook and Outlook Express (Personal folders), it too
is susceptible to this problem. Various manifestations of this problem seem prevalent in all versions of Outlook dating back to Outlook 98. More information can be found on the Microsoft site and throughout the Internet.

Using Outlook 2003, the following steps may prove enough to replicate this behaviour:

  • Switch to offline mode from online.

  • Compose a message and send it. As we know, this will sit in the Outbox until server connectivity can be established.

  • Go to your Outbox and simply double click the message to open it. Now close it without having made any changes to it.

  • Now, go online and try to send this message through one of the many methods available.

  • You should find that the message just sits there and refuses to go.

Normally, the message can be deleted easily. If this is not the case, the article below will help you troubleshoot this problem.
Microsoft support

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