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Why are members automatically removed from lists?


There are times when a person will be removed from a list. When I check on that person using the Left filter, it shows the reason for them leaving as "bad message". I then have to click on the Join button to reinstate their membership of the list.

Can this option be changed so that the person is not removed from the list without the postmasters knowledge?


This is due to the processing of messages that are bounced back to the list, normally becaus they are not deliverable to the user.

By default if more than 5 posts to the member within a 7 day period are bounced back to the list that member is removed from the list. This saves processing mail for members that is unlikely to be delivered and also conserves bandwidth.

The user is not actually removed, but rather marked as an account that mail should not be sent to. Therefore the server has stopped sending further email in order to reduce bandwidth and improve efficiency of processing the list.

The default settings can be changed under the GMS Communication Server > Post > Bounces page. You can increase or decrease the limits to suit your particular list.

You can also disable the facility altogether by selecting "Ignore" from the drop down menu and clicking on the Update button. Or indeed, enable the option to notify the list moderator of all users that have LEFT the list under the Access > Moderator page.

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