Why are incoming vCards not being decoded in GMS Webmail?

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A vCard is a “virtual Business Card”. Just like a standard, paper business card, it contains a person’s name, address, telephone, fax numbers, URL, etc. in a standard format. vCards may be exchanged between people to allow quick, accurate and simple transfer of details of new contacts without having to continually re-enter information.

Gordano’s GMS Webmail will automatically list all vCards attached to a message and generates one from the sender of the message for inclusion in your personal address book. GMS Webmail will allow you to import and export all your address book entries for use with other applications.


If (in the past) the system administrator has manually edited the default system MIME types they will not be amended further by the upgrade process. This means that the MIME type required to recognise vCards will not be automatically recognised.

To allow vCards to be correctly decoded by GMS Webmail, the system administrator will need to add the vCard MIME type “vcf,textdirectory”. Add this in the PROXY > WWW > Mime_Types dialog.

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