Why am I unable to administer my GMS system after upgrading to Build 3365?

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I have just upgraded my existing GMS installation to Build 3365. Now when I log on to the system I no longer have administrative rights for the server. How can I resolve this?


GMS has supported Profiles for some considerable time. These profiles allow you to quickly assign rights across groups of users on the system instead of having to apply those rights individually to each user.

As of Build 3365 all users on the system must have a profile associated with them no matter what the level of access rights to the system are. If a user is not associated with a profile they will be automatically assigned to the Domain Base Profile the first time their account is access the system after the upgrade.

The reason for this change was to allow the flexibility to automatically assign profiles to new users added to the system via an external authentication mechanism such as Active Directory or LDAP.

In order to restore administrative functionality to a user please first log in to GMS as that user to ensure they have a profile applied to them (this will be the Domain Base Profile for the domain they are a user under) then log back out again.

From the Start Menu go to Programs > Gordano Messaging Suite and run the Admin utility. Select the domain the user is in from the drop down menu, enter the username (the portion before the @ sign in the users email address) and the password for the user. Enter the password a second time to confirm it is correct then select the 4 check boxes for Domain, System, Log and Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus then click on Add User.

Note that as the user already exists the details for this user will be amended, a new user will not be created.

The user should now be able to log on to the system with full administration rights. Once logged on the first step should be to create an Administrator profile with full administration rights (if one does not exist) and add the user to this profile to prevent any similar problems occurring in the future.

Here is a quick set of instructions to create this profile is one does not exist.
In the admin interface please do the following:

  • Click on the profiles option in the left hand bar
  • Clone the “System Base profile” to a new profile called “Sys Admin”
  • Go through every option in the “Sys Admin” profile and enable every single check box, and make sure there aren’t any mailbox size restrictions
  • Goto the Mail->Users->edit section of the interface select the Postmaster account, or any account who you would like to be an administrator.
  • Enable the Change Profile option and select the “Sys Admin” profile.

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