Why am I seeing higher than normal levels of image based spam?

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Recently the GMS Anti-Spam zero-hour protection on my server seems to have let through more than the usual amount of junk email, most of which is image based spam. Can I do anything about this?


The Zero-Hour detection centers have reported a massive increase in image based spam. This means that even if you are seeing the expected 97% detection rates, you will see more than the usual amount of email getting through, because there is so much more spam being sent.

There is an updated Zero-Hour engine available, which you should install on your server, as this improves the detection rates.

In future versions, the updates of the engine will be automatic, but in Build 3434 this process is manual.

To update, download the updated engine from our ftp site: ftp://ftp.gordano.com/GMS/3434/hotfixes/asapsdk/asapsdk.zip

Next, stop all of your GMS services, then backup the file "asapsdk.dll" in the bincommtouch folder inside your GMS installation directory, then replace this file with the new downloaded one.

Now restart services and you should be running the up to date detection library.

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