Which of the restricted word check options should I use?

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There are different levels of restricted word checks available within GMS Anti-Spam, which of these should I use in which circumstance?


The main content check file that you should use is the Domain Words file, this will be applied to all email messages entering or leaving your domain.

If you are running a multi domain system then you can also make use of the Global Words file, however for any of the phrases within this file to be checked against for a particular domain you must enable word checks for the domain, and within this same page also enable the use of the Global Words file for that domain.

The Relayed Words file need only be used if you allow mail to be relayed through your server, that is mail that is neither sent from or addressed to a user in any of your local domains.

The Dynamic Words file is a special case, this is maintained directly by Gordano’s support engineers and automatically updated at pre defined intervals as defined by the server administrator. This file can not be edited, again its use must be enabled on a domain by domain basis.

Note: A GMS Anti-Spam Update Service key is required to access the Dynamic Words functionality.

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