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When I upgraded to the latest GMS product it gave me a build number but what version am I running?


I have recently upgraded from NTMail V7a and I got an upgrade message that has me a bit confused.

According to the welcome message I’m running version 7.0 in build 3065. Have I gone backwards?


GMS is comprised of many individual components some of which can be implemented in stand-alone mode. Each of these components was developed at a different time and will therefore have gone through a different number of releases during this time. What this means is that while someone may have been running V7.01 of GMS Mail, they might have also been running V1 of GMS Anti-Spam and V1.1 of GMS Communication Server and so on. This was leading to some confusion when stand alone products such as GMS Webmail V1 was released but GMS Mail was in release V7.x and the welcome message for GMS Webmail welcomed the customer to a version far advanced of the one they were actually using.

We have now altered the welcome message you receive when you upgrade to make the GMS versions you are running with clearer. This new welcome message will clarify what versions of which products you are running with as well as specifying which build of the GMS you are running. This will enable you to verify which version of what installed products you are working with.

Modules such as GMS Communication Server and GMS Webmail can be implemented as stand-alone products. This means that you do not require a licence for GMS Mail to run either GMS Communication Server or GMS Webmail on their own. They come with fully functional SMTP and POST services and can easily receive emails directly in from the internet through the use of MX records. As well, you can "bolt on" additional products from the GMS anytime enabling administrators to only purchase those components from the GMS that they require making the GMS the best, most flexible option for almost all administrators.

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