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When are profile changes applied to users?


I do not see a lot of activity on the mail server when I change a users profile. How can I be sure that the options I set in the profile are being successfully applied to the users?


Any updates to a profile are applied to all of the users associated with that profile as soon as the "Update" button is pressed in the page where you make the change to the profile.

If there are little or no changes from the default settings very little activity is likely to be seen on the mail server.

However, if one of the users under that profile is currently logged on to the server some of the changes may not be applied to the user until such time as they log off and then log back on again.

Changes to Account variables such as MaxMessageSize will be applied immediately, but changes to the users privileges such as whether or not they can change their password will not be applied until the next log on. Privileges are an example of the type of user variable that is only checked when the user logs on to the server.

You can check that the profile changes have been applied to the user by going to Support > User Variables, selecting the user and checking the status of the profile options that you changed.

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