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We are pleased to announce Version 18 of GMS, released on the 16th of January 2013.

The primary focus of this release was to remove JAVA from the administration interface completely. To facilitate this a new GUI framework was introduced which also allows for greater extensibility and flexibility.

Key improvements in Version 18 include:

1. Completely redesigned GMS System Administration interface. The new interface is now completely Java free  100% of the interface has been replaced with a new UI framework.

2. GMS Webmail is now more compatible with IE 10 and Firefox 15.

3. Browser support extended to include Opera and Chrome

4. GMS Webmail now includes an improved HTML editor for composing email, which now functions in Opera and Chrome browsers as well as IE and Firefox.

5. The Outlook connector (GMS Collaboration) now supports Outlook 2010, 32-bit and 64-bit. The latter is accessible from the public FTP site.

6. GMS now supports 2048 bit SSL certificates, and can create certificate requests for them.

7. The GMS HTTP web server (WWW service) ow supports HTTP PUT and DELETE methods.

Other minor enhancements include:

– GMS Comm Anonymous List access has been fixed
– Handling of encoded messages in GMS Comm and GMS List has been improved
– Large text attachment corruption with footer insertion has been fixed
– IMAP Memory handling for invalid commands improved

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