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What's new in build 3712


Version 16.00.3712 of the Gordano Messaging Suite was released on the 9th of June 2009. This release focuses improving integration of GMS with Microsoft Sharepoint.

A Sharepoint server can now integrate with the data stored in the GMS database to display user’s calendar and address book data in a sharepoint portal site.

The release can be downloaded from our public ftp site or website download page.

Full list of fixes and enhancements to build 3712 include:

GMS Mail

  • An issue with the placement of startup scripts on Ubuntu would prevent the software automatically starting at boot time. The startup script placement is now fixed.
  • Certain non-essential files included in the setup.txt on Linux could cause permissions problems when restored, these have been removed.
  • An expired demo of GMS Mail would incorrectly show as a firewall trial, this has been fixed.
  • The presence of an emtpy “AUTH” parameter during ESMTP transactions could cause delivery issues, this is fixed.
  • When deleting a domain, the timed events for that domain were not removed from the timed event file – they now are.
  • A change to the LDAP query handling introduced in v15.02 could cause issues for querying systems configured with a single LDAP rule – this has been fixed.
  • Encoding of To: and Cc: headers when footers were added could cause corruption in rare cases – this has been fixed.
  • The “mail -loadshare” command used for splitting a server onto to hardware platforms was not working, this has been fixed.

GMS WebMail

  • When composing a message with a font selected on occcasions the font choice was not honoured, it now is.
  • When using reply-all to a message with a large number of recipients, the To: or Cc: field could be truncated, it now is not.
  • A limit was applied to the the To: or Cc: field in webmail which prevented large numbers of emails being inserted into them – this has been fixed.
  • A display issue prevented scroll bars from showing in read only events in a calendar, this has been fixed.
  • Folders with certain characters in the name could cause an error in the folder list view, this has been fixed.
  • Incorrect construction of messages with vCards in webmail express could occur when attachments were added, this has been fixed.
  • A problem prevented scrollbars displaying in the Opera web browser, they now do.
  • There was a typo in compose quiz gizmo that has been corrected.
  • Time stamps were not being set in Webmail tasks, they now are.
  • Some display issues have been fixed with the Safari browser.
  • A Dash in an address book name would prevent that book from working correctly, this is fixed.
  • An issue in the multi-language support prevented Italian from loading, this has been fixed.

GMS Anti-Spam

  • When clicking on a quarantine reminder email link, focus is now moved to the password field, previously it was not.

GMS Collaboration Client

  • Private calendar entries would incorrectly still display the configured location, they now do not.

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