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What types of user authentication are available within GMS?


GMS integrates with many external systems for user authentication. For example, it can authenticate with a Radius server in order that all user information is located in a single repository. This information is not required for the exclusive use of GMS but can also be used for other purposes such as dialup access, billing and so on.

This flexibility allows GMS to fit into almost any existing authentication infrastructure either in place of or along side its own authentication mechanisms.

Types of data sources which may easily be used for authentication include any OBDC complaint database, Windows SAM, Active Directory, LDAP, Unix user groups, etc.

Authentication sources can be mixed and matched, for instance it is possible to simultaneously use the GMS authentication service, Windows SAM, and LDAP.

This flexibility makes GMS an ideal solution for integration into an ISP or ASP infrastructure, whether that infrastructure already exists or is being newly assembled.

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