What Training Programmes are available for Gordano Products?

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The Gordano Training Programmes

Gordano Ltd recognises the value to customers of providing a wide range of on-site training courses for the Gordano Messaging Suite (GMS). This approach mirrors the high quality of Gordano’s fulfilment model, which promotes a thorough and consultative process at the point of sale.

Courses can be provided for all aspects of Gordano software. Ranging from a standard implementation and configuration course for GMS Mail, to an enterprise-level installation of the complete GMS. Bespoke training can be arranged with duration and content customised to your need.


In addition to custom training courses, Gordano have developed a modular training program to help new users get maximum return on their investment (ROI). Initial locations are in response to demand and will include:

  • Bristol, UK
  • New York, USA
  • London, UK
  • Boston, USA

Delegates will be able to pick and choose which training modules they attend, specific to their market sector, and interest. Customers who sign up for a complete five-day program receive module 1 FREE OF CHARGE.

For more details of dates and costs etc please visit Gordano Training Events

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