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Can Gordano provide flexible training programmes for a variety of different audiences?


The flexibility of Gordano training allows the attendance of a wide range of personnel with differing skill-sets, ranging from Systems Administrators and Developers, to Marketing Managers. This enables the co-ordinated training of different departments on each of the different aspects of the GMS. This approach is particularly effective when the product is to be used regularly by technical and non-technical staff alike.

Gordano have found that the most commonly requested training course is for GMS Communication Server. This product is a powerful and highly adaptable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool set and list server package. GMS Communication Server is ideal for customers who need to communicate quickly and effectively with a large client and customer database. Utilising MML (Mail Meta Language), a proprietary scripting language, the product can send customised postings to specific target groups using information stored in an external ODBC compliant database.

GMS Communication Server can deliver a very fast return on investment (ROI) with visible improvements in revenue, customer contact and feedback, especially when compared with out-sourced marketing services. Gordano training courses make an in-house list server deployment not only economic but painless as well.

Similarly, service providers can also use GMS Communication Server to provide a costed service for their customers using, for example: a per list tariff for mass mailing.

Due to the GMS Communication Server’s extensive functionality and many possible implementation scenarios we have found that GMS Communication Server Training Courses are one of the most popular and most commonly requested. Very often marketing and technical staff will attend these courses at the same time. This provides a high level of understanding between these types of audiences, who perhaps in the past have not had occasion to communicate. These factors can only aid good business practise.

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