What services can be provided for SME users?

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GMS is designed to provides the following range of services to users of messaging systems:

  • GMS Mail – POP3 and IMAP4 connections for mail clients like Outlook, Pegasus, Eudora, etc.
  • GMS Webmail – Access to email from any terminal on any operating system via a standard web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.).
  • GMS Anti-Spam – Anti-spam options allow system administrators and users to prevent their accounts being flooded with spam.
  • GMS Anti-Virus – Anti-virus options allow messages with viruses attached to be scanned, cleaned and rejected.
  • GMS Communication Server – Software to target customised email messages to hundreds of thousands of people using the company’s customer database as a source.
  • GMS Secure Socket Layer – Encryption by the Secure Socket Layer keeps confidential information from others.
  • GMS Archive & Recovery – The archiver will keep track of every message that has passed through the system and allow searches on date, time, subject, message content, sender, recipient, etc.
  • GMS Mobile Gateway – The SMS, Pager or Text gateway allows messages to be filtered and/or sent to cell phones or mobile phones.
  • GMS Web Organizer – The shared calendar allows users give others access to their calendar.
  • GMS Instant Messenger – Allows users (or groups of users) to have electronic conferences with automatic logging and transcripts.
  • GMS Auto Port – Our unique, no-hassle method of porting from any other messaging system to GMS.

In order to help you manage and install these components of GMS, Gordano can provide you with the following services:

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