What level of quarantining does GMS provide?

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Version 12 of the Gordano Messaging Suite has seen the completion of user, domain and system level quarantining.


System level quarantine:

This can be controlled from within the administration interface under Mail > Logs – Quarantine
The online system quarantine report is located under "Reports" in the JAVA applet.
If configured to "copy message to quarantine", messages copied here will be "from" or "to" non local domains.
Relayed mail for example.

Domain level quarantine:

This also is controlled under Mail > Logs – Quarantine

For messages to be quarantined, this must be enabled from either "Actions" or "Domain actions" under Anti Spam. The online report can be located under each domain in the JAVA applet which is prefixed with a postbox icon that will be either red, blue or green in colour. Under here you will find "Reports > Quarantine".

User level quarantine:

To prevent user level quarantine folders from consuming huge volumes of unwanted mail, administrators can control the automation and maintenance of this for all users under each domain. This feature can be extended to purge mail from any mailbox, not just the quarantine folder.
This is configured at Mail > Domains > Purge E-mail.

Users who have access to the cut-down admin interface via port 8000 can now view their quarantine folder and manage it accordingly.
This is located under Mail > Account > Settings – Quarantine

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