What is WebMail?


What is WebMail and does GMS offer a WebMail application?


WebMail is a term used for any modern day messaging client that provides online access to e-mail via the Internet. A WebMail application tends to run within an web browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer and as such will require an active Internet connection.
This is a different experience to a traditional desktop mail client that essentially, only requires Internet connectivity when either sending or receiving e-mail.
Years ago when dial-up was popular for the every day household, users would often compose their e-mails offline and then bulk send these in one dial-up session. Of course, this session could be prolonged to retrieve any unread messages. This, above anything, was financially beneficial until permanent ‘always on’ connections became the de facto.

WebMail applications are within some organisations the preferred choice of e-mail client. There are advantages and disadvantages to using desktop or web based so ultimately it comes down to user or administrator preference. Performance is normally a deciding factor in the choice of e-mail clients. It is an aim of any messaging vendor to make a WebMail client that can perform as close to a desktop mail client as possible. As WebMail operations occur ‘online’, performance no matter how good, will never be completely equal.

Gordano developed its first webmail client back in the late 90’s.
Version 15 of our messaging suite introduces a new web interface which is JAVA free, unlike its predecessor. Further comparisons include a significant facelift – resulting in it looking more like an every day desktop mail client. Gordano hope that this familiarity and comparable ease of use will be a winning formula for its new and existing customer base.

GMS’s enhanced webmail package, GMS Web Organizer, offers calendaring, notes, tasks and journals that will store this data server side meaning it will be accessible from any Internet connected PC.
GMS Webmail scheduling is on the development roadmap for Q3/Q4 of 2008.

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