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What is the temp (tmp) directory used for?


What is the folder under the root GMS directory, “temp” used for?


The gordanotemp, ntmailtemp and opt/gordano/mail/tmp directories are used by GMS to store messages as they are being received on the server. The messages will be stored in temporary files which will grow as the message continues to be received. Once the complete message is collected, it is transferred from the temporary file to the user’s mailbox, a 250 OK is returned to the SMTP protocol to indicate that delivery of the message was successful, and the temporary file is then deleted.

These temporary files are not automatically deleted if a transfer fails. They are kept so that if the remote server attempts the ESMTP option ?RESTART? the remote server only needs to send the remainder of the message. This can have a dramatic effect on the bandwidth required for your mail server, particularly in areas of unreliable Internet connectivity.

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