What is the projected Road-Map for GMS Collaboration?

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What additional functionality will GMS Collaboration offer users?


GMS Collaboration has been undergoing a phased development. Version 3 is now available. Updates to GMS Collaboration will be released to customers as each phase of the development is completed. The following roadmap indicates what is contained in each of the versions and gives an indication of when each of the versions will be available.

Version 3 – Available Now

  • Global Address Book
    Provides a global address book which is automatically populated with all email accounts on the system

  • System and Domain Address Books
    Provides access to GMS system and domain address books with configurable access control.

  • Access Controls
    Access rights can be configured on a per-entry basis for the domain and global address books.

  • Integration
    Full support for functions such as address completion, address suggestions, searches etc.

  • Enhanced searches
    Enhances the standard search features of MS Outlook allowing all items within a GMS address book to be searched upon.

  • Personal/Shared contacts
    Automatically mapped to the personal address book in GMS Webmail, providing identical address book views in either MS Outlook or GMS Webmail.

  • Personal/Shared calendaring
    Multiple event and calendar entries and folders may be created. These will be shown in GMS Webmail in a single calendar.

  • Personal/Shared tasks
    Multiple tasks and task folders may be created.

  • Personal/Shared notes
    Multiple notes and notes folders may be created.

  • Personal/Shared journals
    Multiple journals and journal folders may be created.

  • Reminders
    May be set on any of the above items.

  • Public folders
    Folders may be shared with other users dependant an access rights via the IMAP protocol. They may also be marked as Public.

  • Internet Free/busy information
    The GMS Collaboration server supports internet free/busy. Outlook can query free/busy information for GMS Webmail or Outlook users.

  • Scheduling
    Integrated with calendars and free/busy information to allow scheduling of events.

  • Synchronisation
    Contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and journals are synchronised to the GMS server. Updates made in Offline mode will be automatically synchronised with the server when re-connected.

  • Dual Client access
    Data entered in either MS Outlook or GMS Webmail will be shared automatically with the other client.

  • Cached online mode
    GMS Collaboration supports a cached online mode providing high performance and scalability when working online.

  • Fully Functional Offline mode
    Users can create, modify or delete both folders and messages when working offline.

  • Web Access
    Web Access is provided by Gordano’s full-featured GMS WebMail client, which along with a rich email interface provides access to Calendar events, alarms and contact lists, notes and tasks. These are all synchronised with the MS Outlook client so the same information is available no matter which method of access is selected.

  • Optional SSL Encryption
    Data transferred to and from the server can be encrypted using SSL.

  • HTTP Proxy Server Support
    Server connections can be made through an HTTP proxy eliminating possible Firewall isssues.

  • Integration with email-enabled applications
    Will integrate with MAPI enabled applications such as MS Word.

  • Integration with Active Directory Users
    All GMS Collaboration users may be stored in Active Directory rather than GMS for easier user management.

  • Compatible with auto archiving
    Users can continue to use the Auto Archiving features of MS Outlook without any danger to their data.

Next Release – Q4/2005 Q1/2006

    A single tree for all folders will be available.

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