What is the difference between Personal and Shared calendars?

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Personal Calendaring allows you to enter events on specific dates (e.g. I’m going to the dentist on Friday).

Shared Calendaring allows the owner of the calendar to grant read and/or write access of their diary to other people. Thus a busy CEO may have their PA maintain their calendar on their behalf.

You can choose to be alerted with two separate alarms. Each alarm can be configured to use one of four different options…

  1. Notify by email
  2. Notify with popup window
  3. Notify by SMS
  4. Notify by instant message

Once any event is entered you can check it by simply selecting the current date, week or month in the calendar displayed in GMS WebMail. A useful feature, due to the integration within GMS, is that emails can be turned into calendar events at literally one click of a button.

A company may decide to create a "holiday" calendar with access to all employees. Users would normally be given ‘Read public’ rights, meaning entries could not be deleted or modified in any way, only viewed. Enabling "Showthrough" would mean that all holiday calendar events would be also be displayed in each users personal calendar (My Calendar).

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