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Gordano maintains a team of engineers to provide support to customers on either a 24×7, 13×5 or 8×5 basis dependent on the customers contract. All of our support engineers have in depth knowledge of our products and networking in general and have received many plaudits from customers for the quality of support provided.

The support engineers attempt to answer every call in real time but if for any reason they are unable to do so they will be automatically notified of your call and will return it as soon as they are able to.

  Type Response Time (Hrs) Weekend Cover Contact Every (Hrs) Resolution Time (Hrs) Closure time (Hrs)
Platinum Custom 8 YES 8 24 96
Gold 24×7 24 YES 0 48 148
Silver 13×5 24 NO 0 48 200
Bronze 8×5 24 NO 0 48 200

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