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MAPS is short for "Mail Abuse Prevention System". MAPS state they are a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to defend the Internet’s e-mail system from abuse by spammers. The principal means of accomplishing this mission is by educating and encouraging ISP’s to enforce strong terms and conditions prohibiting their customers from engaging in abusive e-mail practices.

From their original intention of operating as a not-for-profit organization, the MAPS serice was commercialised by a company named Kelkea. Kelkea were subsequently acquired by Trend Micro who now provide the services on a commercial basis.

The service is primarily accomplished via the provision of a series of DNSBL services.

GMS Anti-Spam can support one or more DNSBL services and process messages depending on the results returned. For example, you could require all sending servers to be checked against those that have been marked as sources of spam by MAPS and then reject them. GMS Anti-Spam also include special code so that should the service become un-available, email will still continue to flow.

For more information on MAPS see http://mail-abuse.org

The responsibility for ensuring that the service acts as expected is the responsibility of those running the service and not Gordano’s. Gordano does not recommend any particular DNSBL service nor suggest that any service is better or worse than another.

RBL and RBL+ are Service Marks of MAPS, LLC.

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