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Maintenance is the name given to keeping your software up to date with the latest version – maintenance includes full releases, interim releases and hotfixes. Gordano provide yearly maintenance contracts which allow you to upgrade all versions during that year. When you purchase your first
product from Gordano, a whole year’s maintenance contract is automatically included. At the end of the year, you will need to purchase a new maintenance contract to continue updating your system.

It is important to keep up with the latest release of software for the following reasons:

  • New features and facilities may be added (as a result of requests from customers). Gordano is continually working to improve the ease of use of the software using input from customers, beta testers, reviewers, analysts, etc. If you have any suggestions of improvements or ideas you’d like to
    see implemented, please email suggest@gordano.com.

  • Performance improvements. Even though GMS uses very few system resources, Gordano is continually striving to reduce the load that the software places on your system.
  • New standards may have been released which you need your software to comply with.
  • Improved client support. GMS supports a large range of POP3, IMAP4, HTTP, HTTPS, etc. clients for the provision of mail, address books, calendars, etc. As new clients become available (and new versions of old clients), they are generally added to the list of clients supported. Some
    new clients may require some software changes which will be done in subsequent releases.

  • Additional protection against attacks against mail clients may have been included. This protection will enhance the security of your organisation from attack through email.
  • Gordano can continue to support your system (if you have a support contract).

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