What is ISDN?

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ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network and is a set of communications standards allowing a single wire or optical fibre to carry voice, digital network services and video. ISDN is intended to eventually replace the plain old telephone system (POTS).

There are various levels of bandwidth connections. The most common are T1 with 24 channels at 1.54 Mbps and T3 with 672 channels at 44 Mbps. ISDN has 2 channels each of 64Kbps, giving a total of 128Kbps if both channels are used.

NTMail can easily be configured for use over (and controlling) dial-up connections and has excellent options to minimize network traffic. For example:

  • Pipelining.
  • Restart and recovery.
  • Dual ring caching DNS lookup.
  • Multiple RCPT processing.

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