What is involved in upgrading GMS Collaboration from Version 11 to Version 12?

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Earlier versions of GMS Collaboration did not support the synchronization of e-mail to the server and primarily used the IMAP protocol to achieve this. Calendar data, journals, task, notes and contacts were synchronized.

If you have been using POP in conjunction with GMS Collaboration, messages previously downloaded would have been stored in the "Inbox" under the GMS Server node, again not synchronized to the server but held in the local file store.

Due to the fundamental changes and improvements in the V12 connector, GMS Collaboration now uses a PST store to hold e-mail on the client, while providing full synchronization of e-mail with the server.

This should result in improved performance and almost seamless integration with Intellisync, Pocket PC and other handheld devices that use desktop synchronization.


Please refer to the instructions below depending on which category you fall under.

First upgrade GMS to Version 12 then BEFORE you upgrade the Collaboration clients, be sure to synchronize the clients to ensure all Collaboration data is safely stored on the server.

  • Email stored under the GMS Server node:
    Add a new Personal Folder to co-exist with your existing V11 GMS Server node. Save the file to a location you will easily remember. Copy your existing mail folders into the PST store. (This may take some time). Now exit Outlook.
    Once you have prepared the client you should then upgrade to the version of the MAPI connector that matches the version of GMS you are running. On completion of the upgrade you will need to create a new Outlook profile as previous profiles are not compatable.

    To do this open the "Mail" icon in the Control Panel and create a profile as normal selecting " Additional Server Types"followed by "GMS Server". Complete the requested information as supplied to you by your System Administrator. When you have completed the initial configuration and have become comfortable with the new connector, you can of course delete your existing profile. Remember to select the new profile when you log back into Outlook.

    Once you have familiarised yourself with the V12 connector, add in the saved Personal folder store. Finally drag and drop your existing mail items into the GMS Server if required or simply choose to keep the personal folder open in Outlook.

  • Having previously used POP with GMS Collaboration:
    Follow the same instructions as above.

Please note:
One of the major improvements to the connector is that you no longer need two separate data stores to access your e-mail and Collaboration data. You setup one account to do both meaning the two-tree’s have merged into one acting as definitive "Message Store". The V12 connector requires that the IMAP server is enabled within GMS.

If you require any further information, please see the GMS Collaboration section of the GMS User guide found HERE or contact Support.

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