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Instant Messaging (IM) is a form of communication which requires an immediate response from the recipient. When you send an email message, it arrives in the recipient’s account and when they choose, they can respond to it. When you use Instant Messaging, a box immediately appears on the
recipients screen so that they can give an immediate response to your question. However, for IM to work effectively, the recipient must be logged on and present at his computer so GMS Instant Messenger provides you with a list of people who are available to communicate with.

GMS Instant Messenger has the following benefits:

  • Multiple people may participate in the discussion. This allows on-line meetings to be held by people who may not be in the same country/office or room. When participants leave the discussion, they can receive an email containing a full transcript so that they know what decisions were made.
  • Compliance officers and administrators like GMS Instant Messenger because all conference transcripts may be automatically logged and stored for future reference. Further, installation is simple – just install a GMS Instant Messenger key
    and IM is installed and operating without any need to install new software or configure new systems.

  • GMS Instant Messenger will operate on any computer which can run a Java applet in a browser. This means that you are not restricted to using Windows, Macs or Unix client machines.

GMS Instant Messenger will improve the smooth running of your business and reduce costs when used for the following purposes:

  • If a customer calls, IM can be used to quickly ask the callee if they wish to be available.
  • If a customer calls, IM can be used to alert someone who is in a meeting that an important call has come though without disturbing all the participants by phoning through.
  • If someone misses the start of a meeting, they can be sent a quick IM to remind them. (Incidentally, GMS Web Organizer can automatically send IM messages to warn when a meeting is due to start).
  • Home workers can participate in meetings at the same level as everyone else.
  • A homeworker can have the full back-up of members of the main office for any questions they can’t answer when they are helping customers.

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