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What is Hot Desking?


Hot Desking is one of several new terms which were brought into common use in the 1990’s to describe a new set of working practices. It is believed that this term originated from old naval practices called “hot bunking” where shifts of sailors would share limited bunk space

Hot Desking (verb. "to hotdesk") is also known as location independent working, where workers do not have their own desks, but are allocated work space according to their needs. It can be refined to mean the sharing of a desk/seat/workstation arrangement by more than one member of staff.

This type of arrangement enables employers with workers who do not have overlapping shifts or staff who are frequently out of the office to make better use of the available resources. This system of working is also well suited to firms who have staff who are frequently out of the office, for example sales people who are mostly on the road, so that space within the office does not have to be allocated for them permanently.

GMS Webmail stores all users mail centrally on a server allowing for not only ease of access and security, but also a single central place to create a backup of all users mail from.


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