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What is Gordano's refund policy?


We strongly advise you to "Try Before You Buy!"

We understand that it can be difficult to be sure that a software product meets your needs unless you have the opportunity to install and use the product. For this reason, we provide the Trial Download as a convenience to you. It enables use of the live commercial software for a trial period but without a Registration Key. Without such a full registration key, the software will be fully functional for 28-days. This should be an ample evaluation period.

After the trial period expires, mail will still be accepted into the server and will remain in users’ mailboxes until either

a) A full key is purchased


b) The software is disabled.

Thus, users can no longer send email or access their email boxes after the end of the trial period unless a registered key is purchased.

Use the Trial Download to establish whether the software meets your needs, requirements, and expectations prior to making a purchase.

We only want you to purchase our software when you are completely happy with it. That is, once you are sure that it does what you want then you can pay for the software so that it continues to function.

By paying for our software, you are agreeing that it fulfills your requirements ? consequently we do not provide refunds of any sort.

Notice with respect to European ECommerce directive:
– The "Cooling Off Period" is 28 days from first installation of the software. No money needs to be paid at all during this period.
– "Refund Policy" is that no refund is available after the buyer has confirmed by purchasing the software that the software meets their requirements.

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions, help is always available from our Sales Department (sales@gordano.com) or from our Support Department (support@gordano.com)

We want you to be happy with your purchase!

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