What is email delivery?

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Delivery is the method by which mail reaches its destination and is placed within the recipient’s mailbox. GMS Communication Server can format outgoing mailings in several different ways to optimize them for onward delivery. GMS Communication Server can be configured to connect directly to the remote server of the recipient of the message or it can pass the message off to another mail server to handle the onward delivery.

GMS Communication Server is a very flexible, high-speed messaging server designed to help business create personalized messages delivered directly or indirectly to their customers for minimal cost overhead.

The different ways you can optimise GMS Communication Server to ease your management of the system are:

  • Modifying automatic messages.
  • Deciding where list message replies are sent.
  • Aliases for commands.
  • Stopping commands going to the list.
  • Transaction Reports.
  • Suspension information.
  • Adding information to a footer.
  • Preventing people being joined without their knowledge (double opt-in).

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