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What is the technology in GMS called EFM?


EFM stands for "External Folder Manager". This is a DLL that has been specifically developed to provide an API allowing complete control over GMS message stores and allows message stores to be populated on-the-fly from external applications such as Archiving or Unified Messaging systems.

The DLL consists of an abstract set of APIs to allow mail to be stored in external folders. Mail messages are handled individually and stored in individual files. The DLL can choose whether to store mail for a specific user or not. If the DLL does not store it then the native GMS folder library will be used. This will allow for different domains to store their data locally or externally. It will also allow message logs to be stored in different locations.

Using the EFM DLL the GMS interface can be transformed from being a simple a storage interface into an archivingauditing interface fully integrated into the GMS system.

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