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Every business should have a Disaster Recovery (or Business Continuity) Plan in place. Surveys have found that up to 80% of businesses without a DR/BC plan fail within 5 years of a severe interruption.

GMS provides a number of facilities as standard that allow for a certain degree of disaster recovery. However using these as the cornerstone of your recovery strategy implies that you are able to cope with a certain amount of down time.

The more important service availability is, and thus the more critical a recovery strategy is, the more expensive it will be.


GMS provides an option to regularly save a System Recovery file, either to disk or to email, so it can be easily sent to an off site location. In the event of complete system failure this System Recovery file can be used to easily rebuild a server.

Simply install a fresh copy of GMS on a new server, import the previously saved copy of the System Recovery file using the mail.exe utility, and all the previous GMS settings will be automatically restored, including license keys, etc.

A separate backup of all the users mailboxes can then be restored to the server and as soon as this is complete the system is restored to its previous state (at the time of the last back up).

There are also more advanced System Recovery options available but the higher the level of availability required the more expensive the solution. Gordano can provide solutions for any availability level, please contact our Sales staff for further information.

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