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What is contained in the GMS hotfix h20050311?


This hotfix for build 3304 of GMS fixes a number of issues as follows:

  1. Anti-Virus definition file updates failing to lock files correctly leading to potential traps in affected services. Affected services are Manager, SMTP, WWW and Collaboration.
  2. Potential trap when replacing headers in messages. Affected services are SMTP, IMAP and WWW.
  3. Dynamic system Bayesian filter updates not being correctly applied. Affects SMTP service.
  4. Potential race condition in IMAP service on dropped connections leading to IMAP failing to respond to commands.
  5. Restore of a "full" setup.txt potentially traps on UNIX platforms due to file exclusion list needing updating.

Note that hotfixes are cumulative so there is no need to apply any earlier hotfixes for any of the affected services.


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