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Compliance normally consists of ensuring that activities undertaken agree with both the letter and the spirit of the standards, laws and/or regulations that govern a business or activity and the internal policies and procedures set down by that business for its own activities.

Enforcing compliance means ensuring that the business adhere to the regulations stated.

There are standards that GMS will apply to email messages. For example, the Internet mail standard requires email messages to have a "To:" clause, "Date:" clause, etc. Some mail clients do not include these in email messages which may cause problems with some messaging servers. For example, some versions of sendmail will reject any email that does not have the "Date:" clause. In this case, GMS will insert the appropriate clauses so that servers and clients who
recieve messages that have been through GMS get the expected results rather than get opaque error messages. There are many checks that GMS carries out and in most cases fixes are applied.

The fact that GMS will automatically resolve these issues reduces the time that system administrators have to spend finding errors, reconfiguring mail clients, and solving problems. This dramatically reduces the cost of ownership of GMS compared to other mail servers.

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