What is boundary protection?

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Boundary protection is the latest name given to protecting internal systems using a firewall. The new term implies an additional feature over firewalls – that is a more active role is played in stopping malicous acitivity impacting internal systems.

GMS can be used to protect internal systems in several ways:

  • A record of every message may be kept for future analysis or compliance (using GMS Archive & Recovery);
  • Poorly constructed messages (often designed to target specific mail clients) can be identified and their effects minimised;
  • Messages may be scanned for viruses and be cleansed;
  • Messages containing spam may be rejected reducing the size of inboxes;
  • GMS is hardened to protect itself from attack in numerous ways. This ensures that service (and protection of internal systems) is continued even under the harshest conditions; and
  • Control over the sending and delivery of data may prevent company IPR being sent/obtained by outside sources;

Gordano has produced a special version of GMS specificaly targeted at boundary protection – this is called GMS Firewall.

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