What is Archiving?


Archiving, or GMS Archive & Recovery, is a system that allows all email messages passing through a server to be securely archived, either on the same machine or to a secure off site location.

GMS stores the full message text along with the date, time, sender and recipient (at the protocol level, not what is claimed in the message) in the archive. In GMS it is true to say that a message can’t be delivered unless it appears in the archive. Archiving does not apply only to email, but includes GMS Instant Messenger and GMS Mobile Gateway messages too. Therefore you can be confident that (a) any message in the archive was delivered; and (b) if the message is not in the archive, it was not delivered.

Once in the Archive email messages can be searched on by a number of criteria and any matching that criteria retrieved from the archive.

Attachments are stored along with the messages so the full content of these messages can be retrieved.

Message Archiving provides a range of benefits, the importance of which will vary according to which sector you are in.

  • In most countries it is now a requirement for ISP’s to maintain copies of email messages for a period of time in case they are required by law enforcement agencies.
  • Financial Services organizations normally have a Compliance section that requires access to a "history" of transactions with customers.
  • Any organization may want to ensure that email messages sent out and received by their staff are stored in a safe location. In the case of a later dispute the information can be easily retrieved and used to prove the content of the earlier conversation.


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