What is alert 8363?


GMS connected to a remote system and started to send an email message. When GMS said who the message was from, the remote server indicated that it was temporarily unavailable (with a 4xx SMTP response). So GMS will stop sending the message to the server and try again later (the default is every 12 minutes). If the message is not delivered after a given time (the default is a day) a warning is sent to the sender and the message will be returned if GMS is never able to deliver the message (by default after 3 days).

In this case, session Undefined was processing a message to be delivered to the server Undefined (IP address Undefined). The local folder name is Undefined. GMS sent the MAIL command and got the response


There is no problem with GMS, so no action is required by you. However, you may wish to investigate the problem with the remote server.

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