What is alert 8201?


A remote POP3 client has attempted to connect to GMS but there are already too many POP3 connections from this IP address. Therefore this request to connect has been rejected. By default, GMS will only allow one connection from any single IP address. There are several reasons why this may occur including

  • The user on this machine is using multiple mail clients to access different accounts on the server;
  • Users are connecting through a system which has translated the IP addresses so that they all appear the same (e.g. Network Address Translation (NAT) by firewalls);
  • Someone is trying to connect to your system malicously in order to use all your resources and prevent legitimate users access.

In this particular case there have been over Undefined connections from the IP address Undefined so GMS has rejected the latest connection with

-ERR Busy - please try later

If you wish to allow more connections from the same IP address, you can increase the number of connections in GMS session control found under Security > Sessions.

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