What is alert 8188?


A POP3 client has successfully logged on to GMS and issued a command requesting a particular message. However, the message requested is not available because it has been deleted by

  • this POP3 session;
  • a previous POP3 session (if automatic DELE is switched on); or
  • marked as deleted by an IMAP4 client.

In this case session Undefined was processing messages for the account Undefined@Undefined with a client at the IP Address Undefined. The client issued the command


and GMS responded with

-ERR Undefined deleted


This is not a problem with GMS and may not be a problem with the mail client. If the user is only using POP3 to access their email, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the mail client at Undefined for an upgrade to an Internet Mail Standard client. Alternatively you could suggest that the user uses GMS Webmail instead of a POP3 client.

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