What is alert 8091?


GMS has told the remote system to stop sending the message now because there is not enough disk space available locally. The remote system should try sending the message later when more disk space may be available.

In this case, session Undefined is processing a connection from Undefined which was processing email apparently from Undefined for Undefined (if there are multiple receipts for the message, this is the first recipient). GMS has temporarily rejected this message by responding with


The message was being spooled into the local file Undefined.

To resolve this issue you should

  • Create some additional space on the disk that GMS;
  • Inform the administrator of the remote system that inefficent use of bandwith could have been avoided if the remote system supported the Enhanced SMTP command SIZE. The SIZE command would have allowed GMS to inform the remote server that there was not enough disk space without having to transfer the whole message.

If the remote server complies with Internet Standards, it should hold the message and attempt to resend it later (in the hope that disk space has appeared).

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