What is alert 8089?


A remote system has dropped the connection to GMS while transmitting an email message to GMS.

In this case, session Undefined is processing a connection from Undefined which was processing email apparently from Undefined for Undefined (if there are multiple receipts for the message, this is the first recipient). The remote system dropped the connection and the operating system of the machine GMS is running on reported the error Undefined.

This problem is not caused by GMS but is caused by either a router or the remote server/client. Usually the problem is temporary and the message will be transmitted correctly the next time so no action is required from you. If the remote system supports CHECKPOINT, it may be possible for only the additional portion of the email message to be transferred on the next connection. If the remote system does not support CHECKPOINT, it may be worth telling it’s administrator about the benefits and suggest they upgrade their software to the latest version.

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